December 17th, 2007



Too much ice on the roof.  They've cleared it, but can't work on it, yet.  Hopefully the 40's today will help and it should all melt by tomorrow, anyway...

Looks like two days for the installation of the panels, then a couple of weeks for the electrician to come, and then the power company has to come install the backwards meter, i.e. when we're generating, we get the credit for it.  Then inspections... so it's the start of the whole thing.  I'm glad it finally started, though.

Went through another four episodes of Bleach and I'm liking it.  Reading the first three books of Tsubasa by CLAMP, and I'm really liking it, too. 

More input!  More input!


The solar guys came back!  And there is much banging on the roof and coming in and out for the bathroom and it's amazing to see six guys all on the roof doing stuff at the same time...

In fact, Jet is standing out in the snow, right now, just fascinated by all the guys on the roof.