December 22nd, 2007


Yay for Nuclear Energy!

Especially when the core is a good, safe 93 million miles away. Helps that it's a fusion reactor instead of a fission one, too, fewer waste products...

We got all 36 photo voltaic panels in now, and they're happily making electricity on the roof. With luck the electrician will get all the wiring, inverter, and stuff in in the next couple of weeks and then the power company should be setting up the meter to allow what they produce onto the grid as well as taking power off the grid. We've got about 6.12 KW max on the roof, now, and it should cover a good deal of what we now use.

With the audit, we managed to drop our usage by about a third of what we were using, without being any less comfortable. It's pretty amazing that by simply knowing what it was that we were using the power on, that we were able to figure out what we really aren't using or needing and just drop that. Whew.

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