January 11th, 2008


XO Trying It Out

Even with my narrow hands, the keyboard is a bit too small for real touch typing. But if I just use the middle three fingers of each hand I'm actually getting pretty good speeds even if I'm not great on the accuracy.

I really like the black and white mode with the sunshine around here, as it's quite readable and the battery lasts and lasts. The screen os very small, but there are some pretty good magnifying modes for it, so that work out okay.

It works just fine with our wireless setup, so I'm very happy about that.

I was contemplating an electronic dictionary with an even smaller keyboard for thumb driven notes, so this is better than that by a long shot. It's good to know that I can post using this. Just. Hee.

Something I Must Remember...

That when it is a balmy 40° F out (4° C), when the wind is going at 22 mph (with up to 32 mph gusts) and one is riding a bike at a leisurely 10 mph, the wind chill takes the temperature down below freezing.

It was a good thing I had my big down parka and wool scarf on as I rode to help in Jet's class this morning. It *was* sunny, so that was nice, and on the way home I didn't have to pedal at ALL, the wind just blew me home. That was fun. *giggles*

I am realizing that my thermostat is now broken, since 40 feels WARM to me, now. Yeesh.