January 12th, 2008



Jet and I finished the first Sakura series with a bang. He and John went out to see the The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, and then they came home, and played some more chess, and then Jet and I finished the series, unintentionally. We were only going to watch the usual four episodes, but then the last one ended right near the end and pulled in the last big plot poinker and both of us were like AGGGGGHHH!!

Very good agghh. Very satisfying agghhh, but still... another two episodes of aggggghhh!!

Very fun, though. I'd highly recommend the original Japanese series, that has a GIRL as the central character. I can't even imagine what the American version is like to have Sakura not be the central character... I'm probably never even going to look. One interesting side benefit is that Jet started reading the shorter subtitles for himself. He was quite motivated to read... :-)

The three of us went to the church to help undecorate, but the whole thing was bare of Christmas stuff when we arrived! Meep. I then did stuff for the class tomorrow, and wrestled with a recalcitrant copy machine. It was hard, but we eventually won. And I got my copies. Then I came home, read a bunch of stuff for the class and wrote a few things, and I'm happy I'm writing anything again.

The boys went to their movie while I worked on stuff, and then we watched Sakura and John's cheerfully roasting a chicken and watching football or something. *laughter* Ah... it's a Seahawks game. Awww, they're not doing very well.

I might go play Devil May Cry. I finally succumbed and went for the "Auto" mode after dying eight times against the first boss. The only thing is that in the Auto mode, I'm plowing through everything with just a little management of resources. Even that first boss only took one healing to get through on the first try. But now I get to do all the puzzles and stories and secret missions and stuff, so it's been pretty cool. I like the puzzles and going up against hordes of monsters and learning more about how Dante fights. At least, now, I don't feel like I'm failing him. *laughter*

Tomorrow, John has like five different things he has to do at church so we're not going to be home for a very, very long time, so I'm not feeling guilty, at all, for an all AV Saturday.

Melding Dreams

My dreams are melding my inputs now. It's nicer than the fragmenting I've been having for a while as I learned the combat system of DMC and absorbed a bunch of Bleach and Cardcaptor Sakura.

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I also dreamed something that turned into a short Bleach fanfic. It's got spoilers from the Soul Society arc of sorts, so I've cut it, too. It came from a very intense conversation I had with incandescens about good and bad captains and some of the differences.

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