January 13th, 2008


Full Day

And I'm cranky and snappy and grumpy after a way too full morning and early afternoon.

Class went fine, but I wasn't facilitating, but I was able to participate, so that was to the good. John had like four functions during the service all from different things he's doing there. I just kept track of Jet and his stuff and... oh, yeah, I drew angels. After seeing Yue, I drew like five different angels, including one of Faber in his motorcycle leathers that I rather liked. After church was a budget meeting for the congregation, and I just sat against a wall, exhausted by all the people. Then we watched "Still Waiting" a documentary about a huge family from St. Bernard's parish and how in the last three years, only three people have actually gotten insurance or FEMA money for their homes... bleh. We had sub sandwiches for lunch during the movie.

John cheerfully talked about the whole group's plans to go to Biloxi and what kind of work we're doing there.

Then home again home again, and I was just exhausted. John, the extrovert, was buzzing and happy and revved up. Jet went next door to play with the kids. I read all my homework and spent time with email and learning about fanfic. *laughter*

Now I have this fat woman in my brain who wants to ask Yuuko for a wish. I'm like, don't do it. She's like, but I want to get skinny for my sister's wedding in two weeks. I go, you KNOW she's going to ask you for a wisdom tooth for that wish. Or maybe a slice of durian from your kitchen every day. Or...

Ahem. Maybe that's all there is to the story. Maybe not.

Now I wonder what Yuuko did with that baby chair, or is going to do with that baby chair. Hmph.

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs because neither of us were motivated to make anything more than that. Jet and I watched one Sakura. Then he and John hot tubbed before Jet showered and went to bed. It's a good way to get him to sleep fast. I might go kill more monsters. Or write. Writing is good.
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