January 15th, 2008


Another Sketch

This one is for amberley for loaning me the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

I'll be happy if he can recognize 'em, too. But the interesting thing for me was realizing that CLAMP has really disproportionate bodies on many of their characters, especially the protagonists. It's interesting what elongating the whole body does to the style and grace for the characters themselves. Anyway...

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It's supposed to be 50 today!! Yesterday was 40 something, and I got spring fever bad...

But tomorrow supposed to be 20's and snowing, so I'll settle down again.

But I gotta get seed from Burpee for the "spring"... which can start, here, in February. Yeesh... at least for spinach and lettuce and radishes and stuff...

More Trying...

For amberley's suggestion that I try to draw Kurogane and Fai in the same pose as Syaoran and Sakura and I... uhm... couldn't, quite... they just refused to touch foreheads. *laughter*

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And then I tried to get something else out of my head, but I didn't do quite so well, things are skewed, that three-quarters turn of the head is hard to draw... But the face on the angel thingy wasn't *right* and I think I got closer to Faber, and he pulled Cahliah with him... *sigh* At least an attempt at a Vessel. It's only a Vessel, right?

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Songs in My Head....

I'm sipping at Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, rather than gulping it down whole the way I did Bleach's first couple of arcs. The complexity and depth and... well, the half-mysteries of the episodes require greater processing, each on their own.

But I watch most of the opening sequence, and the aria from the opening resounds in my head, just a couple of measures play like a loop through my head. When I'm alone in the sanctuary of our church, prepping for stuff or other things, I find myself singing it as the acoustics in that room are just glorious.

It's Cold Outside

It's now likely to be single digits tonight (-12 to -17 C), teens (-12 to -6 C) tomorrow, and dead flat zero (-18 C) tomorrow night.


I'm glad we have heat and know that our insulation is good.

Makes the typical OUR Center farewell all the more poignant. "Stay warm."