January 17th, 2008


Follow Your Heart

A guilty pleasure for me to write.  Spoils Kingdom Hearts II completely.  Nothing but a kiss, though a warning that it's a boy with boy kiss.  *grin*

This will probably mean more for those that fought through it, as there's a lot of stuff I'm echoing from the game, but I think it might work for anyone.  And, maybe, it's kind of for those that will never play the game, so you know why I love these two guys so much.  *laughter*

The usual fanfic disclaimer: I don't own Riku or Sora, Square Enix and Disney do.

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The inspection has happened! The system is on!

And the sky is cloudy, so it's not doing a thing. But... Woohooo!!! The solar panels are on line!

dance dance dance.
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