January 18th, 2008


The Thing That Amuses Me The Most

... about the new, digital inverter isn't how it tracks exactly how much electricity was made through the day, minute by minute updates on how much power the array is generating, or that it tracks exactly the voltage and amperage and all that stuff.

What amuses me the most is that the darn thing reports the pounds of CO2 we've "saved". I fell over giggling when I saw that, especially considering that that number of pounds per kilowatt hour is likely to vary wildly given how the electricity is generated in whatever area... but still....
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I dreamed, hard, last night, about being taught kendo, practicing kendo, beating up dummies with kendo, and getting tired of having to do distance practice over and over and over again, but knowing why, now. Trying to figure out how to parry to a closed side rather than an open side, and sweating buckets and finally getting the feel of the beat and timing with the longer blades, that damned EDGE versus back, the two-handed postures, and how, finally, to move back and forth properly instead of with my preferred, ingrained fencer's crab crawl.


I woke up sore. *sigh* And thinking... damn... I really have to find a dojo sometime.

I also woke up realizing that with the lost twelve pounds, my tummy no longer gets in the way of me bending completely at the waist. I just realized that in the ten years since I broke my knee I've gotten my flexibility back in it. I can kneel on the floor now without it killing my right knee, though the side tendons are still tight, and my hamstrings are still tight and my musculature feels... odd now. I'm riding the exercise bike nearly ever day, for forty minutes a day, now, and while I'm breaking a sweat again it's a clean one, not that sticky, labored I'm not fit one I've had since after Jet was born.

It's more fun to ride to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex than anything I've ridden to in my life. *grin* Especially the chase scenes.

I didn't think I did anything to lose the poundage, but thinking it over I no longer eat out for lunch, nearly at all. We nearly never have fast food anymore. I don't sit behind a desk all day anymore. I ride to "work" in Jet's classroom on my bike every time I can. I get my time on the bike. I walk to the bus stop twice a day with Jet and get an average of 9000 steps in a day, rather than the 3000 I got when I was working full time. I don't actually eat as much or as often any more, between writing and painting and drawing and studying and watching and knitting and... I am more interested in what I'm doing than stopping for a big meal or even a snack. I don't need comfort food anymore. It's interesting to realize it's probably all just piling up. I never really tried to lose weight at all.

I just live entirely differently now that I'm retired and it's reflected back on my health and weight.

Funnier Yet

Funnier than the inverter is the fact that eventhough it's only 20 degrees out, John's been out checking it every few hours. Just to watch it work. *giggles*

Good techie.

Oh, yeah. Another bemusing bit is that there are only three Kendo dojos in the greater Denver area. One of them is *in* Longmont.

You know... the problem with following my dreams is that they lead in SO MANY DIRECTIONS. Ahem.