January 25th, 2008

flying snow

Suffering for Fashion

You know... the main problem with being a 5'10" woman is that pretty much any pair of reasonably fashionable boots makes me well over 6' tall. And with that characteristic stalking pose I get when I'm in heels, plus the fact that I'm looking down on most of the men I meet when I wear them, my back brain whispers jokes about Mistress Li which I studiously ignore. It also really yanks on this ridiculous feeling that I'm cross-dressing when I dress as the woman I am.

But damnit, they were a $90 pair of fashion boots that Penny's put on sale for 75% off and then another chunk off that, so they ended up being $23 boots that are just... well... beautiful, even with just my boot cut jeans.

I'll wear 'em with the first dress Jet's seen me in since he was sentient and make John take a picture so y'all can see, too, sometime. But.. man... $23...
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