February 6th, 2008

Ukitake-fierce, Ukitake-taicho, Ukitake-taichou

Just Gorgeous

My commission of the boys (Ukitake and Shunsui) in my fic has come through... though it's the modern Ukitake and Shunsui, all of 2000 years old. *grin*

You can see it here on letmyself_go's lj. The Zoot suits really, really came out beautifully. Sadly (or very happily for fans), Mila only does the Bleach boys, so dunfalach you'll probably have to figure out someone else to commission for your drawing.

Please do tell letmyself_go if you like it. :-)

I'll probably link it to my Twin Souls fanfic index soon enough...


Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.
A boot. *grin*

I didn't like the full length picture John took of me, but this is The Boot.

I love it. I actually wore it to Sunday and no one noticed. During class I realized that every other lady that wore a boot to the class had exactly the same height heel as I did, and only John noticed that I was as tall as I was. Everyone just assumes I'm tall anyway...

... so no traumatic experiences, and I shall probably enjoy wearing them more often! Yay!!