February 16th, 2008


Notes to Self...

When making onogiri it is better to follow Kyo-kun's example and just grab a handful of rice and mold, rather than succumbing to the temptation of using the plastic mold. The damned ball is impossible to get out of the mold, and you'll just have to do it by hand anyway. At least, then, getting the masago all over everything is kind of tasty.

Also... the Penzey's wasabi may be pale, but it's not any less powerful for its lack of color. Japanese blasting putty, indeed.

Art pens frustrate the hell out of you and you can't mix the colors the way you're used to with watercolors. But pen ink goes exactly where you put it, not everywhere there happens to be any hint of moisture. Sure, you're definitely a personality that enjoys the unpredictability of watercolors, but not everyone wants that on everything. Shunsui, on the other hand, is quite the treat in watercolor. Mmm... pink. *laughter*

Not everyone dreams in code. It is fine to accept the accolades of someone even if they didn't know it only took you half a day to do something they felt was impossible.

Writing for newspapers is surprisingly fun.

Don't let it surprise you that people are startled and surprised when you follow through, all the way through. It's not you.