February 24th, 2008



... there was an Empty Bowls get together, with lots of kids and parents, and just the primary palette, which I always have trouble with. I was assuming that there would be black and had planned on just doing simple black and white. There was a pine branch and swallows I wanted to do, which would only have required a touch of red and plenty of black. But when we got there there was no black whatsoever. No black glazes, no black mosquitoes (bottles for doing fine lines), and I kind of gave up.

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Odd Things

It is good having a seven-year-old who, on hearing his friend doesn't like Chinese food goes, "You mean you don't like SUSHI?" As if that is an utterly weird thing to not like. *falls over giggling* Never mind that sushi isn't Chinese. It was very cool, though, to have said seven-year-old overcome his natural reluctance to eat fruits or vegetables except under mild duress and actually try a panna cotta with a three-fruit compote on top and go, "Oooo... that's nice." He ate a few spoonfuls and said he was full. And then went back to dipping his Oreos in honey mustard.

Jet's taste buds are NOT meek and mild-mannered. It is a blessing.

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