March 9th, 2008



On the way home tonight, I saw the near new moon, a single, tarnished silver fingernail of light drifting in and out of darkness as storm clouds moved in. It kept disappearing and then reappearing when I looked for it as if slipping away from attention. There should be snow tonight.

I spent the last two days planting. Rows and rows of stuff at the outreach center. Four packets of seeds, hundreds of plants, probably. Most of them will freeze and thaw for the next few weeks, but they're the varieties that can take it at night. Then, today, after a three hour nap, I planted over 100 tomato and sweet pepper plants for myself and the outreach center, and anyone that wants to grow some plants and take the resultant veg back to feed the homeless. It should help. Yesterday, one of the guys came out to help a little, before some group was serving lunch, and when he left, he waved and said, "Keep warm."

I returned, "Keep warm." It always tugs at me, that parting.
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