March 23rd, 2008


Brilliant Easter

Three inches of snow fell last night, and the morning dawned bright and clear. The snow covers all the world in its blanket of pure, even white and I'm amazed.

Jet's Easter bunny was entirely practical and hid his chocolate eggs in the house, and Jet had a really fun time finding them. The Easter bunny at our church is probably going to be just as inventive, but with dozens and dozens of kids it's probably going to get a little crazy.

Anyway... I hope, for those of you that celebrate it, that this Easter is a good one, even when blanketed in snow and ice. *grin*
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Busy Day

It was completely filled day for me, and I'm feeling it. A very good day on the most part. Though it did amuse me to have at least three people say, "Hm. I don't think I've ever seen you in a dress before."

I found the J. Peterman's film noir dress in emerald green with that collar and the wrap around fit that flares just so. I don't just fit in it, it's a little loose, now. The high-heeled boots were good in the snow. Solid, dependable, walking boots now that I took them all over the place with me at Carl's, that still make me over six feet tall. One of the guys was like, "When did you get that much taller than me?"

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