March 25th, 2008


Bleach Fic: Two Different Things

Title: Two Different Things
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Kira/Hisagi
Rating: R
Warning: Boyxboy implications, nothing explicit.
Spoilers: This happens right after the Soul Society arc and spoils thoroughly.
Word Count: 3871
Summary: Kira cracks. Hisagi-fukutaicho goes after his once kohai and works out some measure of peace for the Third's fukutaicho, with swords, of course.
Prompt: Purity, from calmingeffects, for silverharmony's birthday, she's the manager of the shuukira community.
Thanks: Thanks to calmingeffects for a quick beta'ing. Thanks incandescens for bouncing lots of motivational ideas for the intervention for Kira's sake and sanity checking the result. Also thanks to stark_black for sanity checking the fights.
Disclaimer: I don't own or make money off of Bleach. It's all fictional. Really.

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Sorry, this is probably going to cause mental whiplash in some folks who are starting to read this journal, but I suspect the ones that have stuck with me so far will deal or skip as they know me too well.

We did the book of Romans, Paul's letter to the Romans, in the Disciples Bible study class on Monday night. Now, being bisexual and a long-time defender of sexual orientation not being a qualifier for the loaded terms of "redemption", "salvation", or whatever the terms one might use, I've always narrowly focused on Romans as "the book where homosexuality is made the root of all evil."

It turns out that it's actually only one chapter in a book with sixteen chapters, and the very next one says that one shouldn't judged those people that do those things at a risk of being condemned yourself. But even that misses badly, and is at the very level that the folks I fought kept the poor book at all the time. There's a lot more when one looks one or even two conceptual levels up, and I ended up actually *loving* several portions of the book.

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