March 28th, 2008



Jet said that he figured out why the Easter Bunny didn't leave any chocolate eggs in the basement.  He said that the bunny couldn't reach the light switch, and was afraid of the dark, so he didn't leave any in the basement.  But he couldn't figure out why the Easter Bunny didn't leave any eggs in the office or the bedrooms or the bathroom.   *laughter*

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This is now closed. Thanks, so much, for everyone that prompted.  If you want to comment on any particular entry, feel free, but I'm not taking anymore prompts. I may reorganize this later this morning...(about a 1am finish, it amuses me that I write *longer* pieces when I'm tired) we'll see...

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The mission: Oneliners, with a twist!

So, rules are like so: Give me a fandom from the list below, a character/pairing, and a prompt. HOWEVER, each character or pairing can only be requested once! To clear things up a bit: someone can request Squalo and they can request Dino/Squalo and Dino/Xanxus/Squalo, but they cannot request any of those pairings a second time. 

I'm limiting myself this time so my brain doesn't explode, yet.

Zombie Powder

[Added 3/29/08 5:30pm] They're all experiments in doing all this in one evening.  It was actually kind of fun to try and get my brain around so many characters.  But I dreamed a lot of folks last night, so that was kinda strange to have that many personalities in my head all at once.  Feel free to comment after each piece.

Hanatarou/Rukia - - Full of Grace -- short, but... sweet
Bleach - Kira/Ukitake - - Morning Ritual -- Followed one of my favorite stories by calmingeffects
Bleach | Urahara/Rukia | Sorry isn't good enough -- I couldn't do this justice, not really.
Zombie Powder | Gamma/Angelle | At Last~?  -- I kinda liked this one.
Bleach | Shinji/Hiyori | When All is Said and Done -- Nervous as I don't have a grasp of these two
ZP - Smith/Gamma + "by the light of a full moon" -- Sorry... poetry
Bleach - Urahara/Renji + "feeling way too damn good"~?  -- Sorry... feels like OOC crack to me.
Bleach - Yoruichi + You fell into this part~? -- I actually liked how this one turned out.
ZP - Calder + a lot on your mind~? -- I didn't like how this came out, but so it is.  Experiments.
Bleach - Mayuri - ready to play -- almost feels too obvious, but requester liked it, so... I'm glad.