March 29th, 2008


Lots of Pictures

I finally downloaded a bunch of stuff.  There's pictures of the baby stuff that I did manage to finish, a pair of socks I'd knit for Jet, an orchid plant that I've kept alive for two years after it last bloomed which is finally blooming again, and one of Jet with an amazing art poster that he's "coloring". 

Since it was the first day of Spring break, we're keeping pretty busy.  The baby shower went really well, and the lesbian couple was really happy that a few dozen of their friends and church family actually showed up to really support them.  It probably wouldn't have happened so well not that long ago.  So it is.  Progress in the little things, I guess.  I guess I'll help change the world in the pieces that are before me.  They did love the sweaters and the wash cloth.

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