April 2nd, 2008


Spring Break

We've been busy, since Jet is out of school this week, and it's been driving me a little bit insane as I haven't had the online time or the writing time I'm used to having. But it has been an interesting few days. Full of video games, dinosaurs, plants, and amazing stories of gold, death and justice, and a high school encounter turned miracle.

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I was kinda praying it was just an April Fools Joke... but... kathrynt has posted a rather meaningful post on why a handful of my spinning posts that I had in my memories have suddenly disappeared.

To quote her, "Ain't no drama like INTERNET DRAMA cuz internet drama don't stop!"

Sometimes I'll admit that I really, truly, hate some people. I'm not above that, no sir. And, yes, I am going to damned well archive all my other knitting posts somewhere, somehow, comments and all.

Random Flakes

Helping people feeds me. It's always odd how much I need to be reminded of that.

I found my Malakite pendant. The Malakim are the sword-wielding choir of In Nomine angels. They cannot Fall. I got it back when I was playing Faber, the angel of the Word Forge. I'm wearing it when I go to Biloxi. I'll need a bit of faith with as many people are we're going with.

Jet and I went out and planted radishes at the OUR center, returned books to the library, got vids for him, and then went to Target to Buy Stuff. I ended up with plastic playing cards for all those times when I'm going to be waiting for the other 28 people to figure out what we're doing next. Large group dynamics always mean huge waits and I'll be ready. I know, I know. I should just take my Horde directing abilities and lead, but I'm tired. Cards are better. I can learn a lot about a person through how they play cards.

Right. Like I can stop being goal-oriented any more than I can stop breathing.

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