April 17th, 2008


I Hate This Part...

... of a cold. Where it get all thick and horrible and sits in the top part of my lungs and aggravates my asthma. And it's sunny out today, the light with that crystal clarity that can only be found up here, refracting off every drip from melting snow, the grass dusted with white as we walked the boy to the bus stop, but dripping off the roofs, the cars, and the back patio's screen. It'd be a beautiful day to be out... but I sit inside and drink hot drinks and cough... damnit.

Maybe it'd be a good time to channel Ukitake rather than Shunsui... *laughter*

Pictures and Gaming with Jet

calmingeffects just got me to realize that while I put a link to my Biloxi pictures on the sticky post at the top of my journal, I hadn't really put it in my stream of posts, so that people who've friended me could see. So... here's a link to all my 455 not too bad pictures of the trip. *laughter* Yes, exactly like vacation pictures, but with work in them.

And, last night, Jet and I played Fairy's Tale together. Many thanks to amberley for recommending the game and getting me into a demo during the 2007 Dundracon.

Jet made up a little sprite warrior whose name was "Hermie", and as I asked questions he decided that his little sprite was strong, capable of building lots of things (craft), and quicker than your average fairy. Jet figured out that his guy liked grasshoppers and praying mantis' and when I asked him where he lived, Jet said that it was in a tree, by the roots, all by himself in the forest.

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