April 28th, 2008



Life's been odd lately.  Deaths, mourning, relationship problems among those around us, and the leaving of our interim pastor.  "Everything changes, nothing changes back." 

Public thanks to incandescens , stark_black , bellumina  and shadowgirl1605  for helping me out when I wasn't nearly at my best.  *laughter*  I've been moody, cranky, unable to sleep.  The medication side effects I've alleviated by taking it earlier in the evening.  I get the full 12 hours on either side, and I can always do it when Jet goes to sleep, so by the time I go to sleep I can now sleep.  So that's to the good, and I'm breathing and thankful for all the breaths I'm now aware of.  I'm picking up tai chi again just to enjoy the depth of breath, and it's helping me with the other things, again.  Probably a bit like yoga for others.

There's two quotes for this week.  "Disciples know themselves as distinctive, peculiar people bearing the inner mark of character and the outer mark of compassion." -- from my Disciples Biblical study workbook.  And "Compassion is the secret name of God." -- from The Saving Jesus workshop.

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