April 30th, 2008


Chemistry Sets!!

Okay, due to liability problems and public image problems, in the last four or five decades chemistry sets, real chemistry sets have been dumbed down until they're practically useless for teaching real experimental practices...

O'Reilly Books has just published a beauty.  *grin*  All you geek parents of gifted kids, you might be interested in this BiubgBiubg book review of The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments. It's a beauty.

Cherry Blossoms

The ornamental cherry trees by the bus stop are in bloom.  There were only fat, pink and white striped buds just three days ago, and today, in the middle of the afternoon, when it was 82° out the air was perfumed.  Nearly as deep as honeysuckle, heavy on the air, the scent was astonishing.  And in just three days, the trees are starting to lose petals like a miniature snow storm. 

What was even a bigger miracle was that there were honeybees amid the blossoms.  Their pollen pouches were loaded, and they were busy humming from flower to flower and ignored me completely as I took pictures of them hovering. 

The local beekeepers lost about 30% of their hives again.  Not quite as bad as last year, when it was nearly 50%, but it's still commercially unsustainable levels for a business.  So, for me, at least, it was a little miracle to see them working so happily. 

Of course, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.  Spring in the Front Range.