May 12th, 2008


Unexpected Fruit

Warms me to the bottom of my old bdsm heart, but someone actually wants to use the first two chapters of Giving Grace as an example to introduce the concepts of negotiating a scene.

I'm... glad. Deeply glad if there's someone out there, because of stark_black's and my story, that might actually gain themselves a safer, more fun experience, and avoid various types of possible abuse by just doing the sane thing and going to a public area to talk first. And, maybe, having a better idea of what to talk about.
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Had, had, had to do some gardening today... the raspberries were taking over the whole of their bed, and leaving no room for the carrots or onions.  So I had to pull up the wanderers and replant them.  And then replant all the plants I wanted to keep in their places from where I had to upset the others.

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sheep egg

Good Stuffs

Jet came off the bus dancing and making noises like a duck into his fist. Just because it was fun.

I can breathe. That's good.

Blueberry muffins. I finally made some and they are Good.

I did get the raspberries transplanted. I have more tomato seedlings. The OUR center garden is doing just fine without me. There will be twenty ladies planting plants on the last weekend of May because of me. And, even with lung stuffs I can write. That is good, too.

So. Since I said I'd write a bit about the class. I shall do so now.

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A Random Box of Fics

These were written for various people for the April Showers Meme. Thought I'd gather them all up in one place. A little like a box of chocolates, but all little drabbles. Some are bitter, some are sweet, some are a little smoky. All are pretty much PG.

For mysocalledhell - Collapse )

For zangetsugirl - Collapse )

For shadowgirl1605 - Collapse )

For bellumina - Collapse )

And the one I'm least certain about, but I tried. *grin*
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