May 14th, 2008


Custom Tea Cup Collection

jonsinger had a long-time request in to me to take pictures of his really early attempts at tea cups back in the late 80's as I commissioned, back then, a set of rough and ready Asian-style teaware. He's gotten a lot better at it since, but he wanted to see pictures of his first, baby steps... so I finally got pictures today and have loaded 'em up on Flickr. These little guys have really helped make my tea obsession all that more pleasurable.

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I'm finally on top of the meds instead of them being on top of me.

Took a good ride this morning, and it felt odd, as I could tell the lungs are tight or weird, but I was getting plenty of air. No panics, but it sure felt different. I need to build back up again... and the massage therapist yesterday was like, "Your whole right shoulder is just locked down tight. I can't even get in there to help loosen it."

Hm. So more exercise, and a lot more stretching. It's helping, but...

The writing is flowing again. It's sweet...
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