May 15th, 2008



It... amuses me. That when I type "Liralen Li" into Google that there are over 4000 hits and the first eight pages of hits really are about me. Man... The Guru of News is STILL UP and someone actually refers to my old Faith pages in a religious debate...

And when I put in "Liralen Li" into Google image, the first two pages of images are either mine, my friends, or of things I've reviewed on Amazon or pictures I've taken.

I am SO not doing the image meme. Besides not knowing my favorites on anything... it would be weird.
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My Son

So... when in Kindergarten, Jet sold like $250 worth of stuff, wrapping paper, candy, etc... he just went out and started selling and didn't stop. Just hit up everyone he saw.

So he won 1st place in the whole of the kindergarten for his selling skills, and he got a ride in a limo to Bounce Town and a bouncing party. He sat and talked with the principal and made quite an impression. The vice-principal, the next time I saw her, said, "Hm. He's going to be a CEO someday."

I didn't disagree. But I think it would be more fun if he does what he says he really wants to do, now, which is be an architect.

BUT... this year. There was a Jog-a-thon. And he went out and got pledges and hit up everyone he could and the envelope said that the average runner would run 8 laps, and then he ran 18 laps. He collected over $400 for the school. So he's getting another limo ride, a CD player, a high end scooter, and some other toy. But the thing he really wanted was one of the raffled iPods. For each $50 he got an entry into the raffle.

And he *won* an iPod today.

He's so happy. *laughter* And I'm like wow. It's very cool that he's happy, and that he worked darned hard to get his happiness. It's cool when the world and chance reinforces that kind of lesson.
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