May 23rd, 2008

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Okay... I'll Admit It...

It does really amuse me to think that if things in reality keep on paralleling the story, then I'll get to fight this thing for two thousand years.

That would really amuse me.
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Writing Wrestling

Finally got another chapter to Twin Souls off to my beta. I've been beating my head against a block on that story that's been slowing progress ever since Biloxi. Gone are the days of four chapters a week. I might get it back, we'll see. I know what has to happen in the next chapter, so I should be able to get it out more readily. I hate going more than two weeks without a chapter, though. Yeesh.

Couldn't have done it without the support and help of stark_black, incandescens, and calmingeffects.

The boy's off from school at noon today, and we're into summer vacation so my writing schedule is going to hell until I can figure out the time boundaries. It'll be good for me, as he's far more active than I am, and just to keep up I'm going to be running around a lot more. We talked about the doctor wanting me to get more exercise, and he was like, "I *told* you, that's why I keep asking you to do the exercise video with me!" He is such a know-it-all, sometimes. *laughter*

Hopefully by the end of June my head'll clear up enough from prompts and other enticements. We've got a trip planned out to Florida for a week, just to visit the keys and eat key lime everything and Cuban food for a while.

A Good Day...

Jet had only a half day for his Last Day of School, and John and I went to the school to picnic with him and all his classmates in the sun. We rode there on bicycles, and picnicked and played and Jet handed his Moo cards out to everyone. He has cards with his address and phone number and our names on them so that people can call and play with him if they want. A friend of ours had that idea for her kids, and it's worked out well for them, and Jet really loved passing his cards out.

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