June 1st, 2008

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Before starting the whole allergy series, I was breathing about a 330 on the flow meter on an average. After starting the meds, I went up to 370, but then fell to an average of 350. The "normal" maximum flow for a woman my height is around 488, so I was getting around the 70% or so the doctor was talking about. I've been conscientiously upping my exercise, paying more attention to aerobics, but also throwing in hard work like at the garden.

It seems to be paying off. Today, after riding to and fro from a rather lovely sushi dinner on our bikes, I blew a 430, that's 88%. I am having ups and downs, and the ups are correlating pretty closely to when I work pretty hard. But the best thing is that my lungs didn't feel that tight when Jet and I were riding. I was still a little breathless, so I still have room to improve. That is kind of cool, so I can fight this fight. It's a good thing to know.

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After Care

Title: After Care
Fandom: Bleach for springkink
Pairing: Hanatarou/Kira
Beta: incandescens
Rating: R for nudity and blood and implication of violence
Warnings: Uhm... probably for the oddest knife play I've ever written. This is set before the Soul Society Arc. I don't think it actually spoils much of anything.
Word Count: 2467 words
Summary: Kira is badly hurt, but he needs something he has no words for. Hanatarou provides healing and some words.
A/N: Prompt: "Not Gin"/Kira -- hurt/comfort "It doesn't have to be this way." This is a prequel to my Strange Tortures, which is an Ukitake/Kira bondage fic. I had to write this one before I could write the other one. Posting this here for non-community members.

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