June 2nd, 2008


Working Vacation

Title: Working Vacation
Fandom: Dresden Files (books)
Beta: incandescens
Rating: PG-13 for a gun fight being in it
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1905
Summary: Murphy and Kincaid take a working vacation, and Harry gives her a little gift to help her rest easier.
Prompt: bondage - "taming the untameable" for springkink
Disclaimer: I don't own any bit of the Dresden Files and make no money off it. It's all fictional, really.

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Mixed up Too Much Ink

I have this problem. When I grind ink... I like doing it all at once, and I have this cool little jar a friend gave me when he learned that I was practicing calligraphy and he was living in Japan, so he sent me a neat little ceramic thing that you fill by holding it under water and it has a pour spout and a hole in the top and I can put my finger on the hole at the top and just drip drabs of water out. Or I can just leave the hole open and pour.

I poured today, into my deeper ink stone. Mom gave me a beautiful, shallow, tear drop shaped ink stone that has tiny bamboo leaves carved into the stone around the well; however, I also have a very utilitarian rectangular stone that has a very deep well. Mom's stone is good for a single painting at a time. I wanted to do more than one painting, but I went a bit... overboard...

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