June 4th, 2008


Getting to Miami

We're not in Colorado anymore. On the way back to our hotel tonight, a gecko stopped to look at us on the sidewalk. We looked back. Jet approached the slender lizard, and it darted under a Coke machine that was half filled with Fanta. And on the way to the outdoor pool they came across an enormous gold and red 'grasshopper' that was a good four inches long.

This warm humidity, this was what the word "sultry" was made to describe.

This started as John's desire to visit the Keys of Florida, now it's become Jet's personal quest to visit the last of the four corner states of the continental US. With one set of grandparents in Seattle, another in San Diego, it was easy to do the first two. Several summers ago we drove all the way out to Vermont, and since we were there, by archangelbeth, we went up to Maine and waded about in the surf on a not quite so sunny day. So Jet wanted to finish his set of each of the four states on the corners of the continental US. Then we'll probably go visit Alaska and Hawaii just to get Jet complete. I miss Hawaii.

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