June 10th, 2008


The Big Adventure That Almost Wasn't

I woke up cranky. I don't know why, as the boys actually went and got me some Dunkin' Donuts for my breakfast as I couldn't face the hotel breakfast that Jet really, really loved. They brought me two donuts and I made some coffee with bottled water instead of the end of the line tap water that is typical of fresh water right before it goes to the sea. There are reasons folks in the Rocky Mountains joke about being upstream from Texas or California. But I even had a decent cup of coffee, but I was just cranky and tired and grumpy about being in Yet Another Place and Going To Do Yet Another Thing.

There is more than one reason why I am not happy with vacations that are much longer than a week. With the month-long marathons we've been doing the last few years I usually hit a break point at one week away and then at three weeks away when I just get this feeling that I want to be HOME again. With the month-long trips, I usually just tough through it and then we get to the three week point and we had better start heading towards home or else I get really, really cranky.

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