June 12th, 2008


Miami Beach, Cuban Coffee, and Getting Home

We were lazy getting up yesterday morning, as there wasn't anything other than the hotel checkout time we really had to pay any attention to. But we didn't quite make that, either, because I was struck by the dream and had to just Get It Down. Probably need to polish it for a real fic, as there are a few points on it that didn't make sense when I thought about it a bit more, as incandescens knows I like to sleep on most of my stories before really letting them go. So it felt odd to put it up all raw like that and leave it.

Still it felt good to write again. A week without was a lot harder than I thought it would be, oddly enough.

I had Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast again, the boys bought me the simple glazed chocolate ones, and I got to remember bits of my childhood in Indiana. That was a very nice start to the day. John packed everything very efficiently and we got out of there.

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