June 16th, 2008


Prayer and Youth Rewrite of Our Statement of Faith

So... one of the reasons the United Church of Christ is not actually considered a "real" church by some denominations is that the UCC has no test of faith. That's right, you don't have to actually have your faith tested to join the UCC, as in you can actually join and do stuff even if you don't have any, yet, perhaps, or are on a search of sorts. The statement we have is written not as a test, but as something that folks can say when they decide that they can.

The last confirmation class of teenagers decided to take apart our statement of faith, build collages on sections of it, and then rewrite it in their own words. And a while back I promised I'd post it. Plus, I found a benediction I just died over after all the Bleach stuff I've been writing, it really fits.

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