June 20th, 2008



It's summer. It's official now. We've made our first real ice cream.

Using a real vanilla bean, real cream from the local dairy (not ultrapasturized or ultra homogonized so it clumps just a bit, beautifully, and has that incredible mouth feel when frozen), two eggs, a touch of sugar, and a bit of time and attention over the stove and cooling off before being put into the freezer.

The freezer was well frozen, too, as the paddles did stop and reverse eventually. So it was frozen really nicely. We had the real ice cream with fresh raspberries. It's definitely summer.

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So when we were in Key West there were these fish...

HUGE things, nearly five or six feet long and they were this dark dusky jade with flickers of gold over big, flat scales and ugly looking snouts... They'd eat a fish carcass in a single snap, and the fisherman warned some boys to not swim around them. They really made me think about Jyuushiro's zanpakutou in a mildly different light.

Here's the closest picture I took. There's more on Flickr, too, now.