June 24th, 2008


Mind Like An Eight-Year-Old

It's fascinating playing strategy games with Jet.

He learns like a shark eats.  Big, huge gulps of experience all incorporated nearly instantaneously.  With his only job really being learning about his world and how things work, he does it with a smooth integration that isn't step-by-step.  It's all at once in big leaps.

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Jet, a few months ago, decided that he couldn't watch the second Cardcaptor Sakura season because of one of the kids going "bad" as he puts it, and making all kind of trouble for Sakura herself.

But he's in tennis camp all week and by the time he gets home, he really wants to just sit and watch something.  And on Monday he said, "Mom!  Can we watch Sakura?  Please?!"

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