June 27th, 2008



Jet and John and I went to see Wall-E this afternoon.  The whole gang is a fan of all the Pixar movies.  So we just had to just as soon as we could.

Jet really liked it.  He was kinda bemused by some parts of it, though.  I ended up kind of depressed.

The cartoon at the start was great and totally worth it.

Wall-E and Eve really are as wonderful as the commercials show them to be, though, and I loved how their personalities came out and how they interacted, and the plot was rather fraught, but good and solid.  The continuity was pretty good.

And there were moments that were visually stunning, which really did make me go... wow... the universe is so amazingly beautiful.

There is one very short flash of a funny at the very, very end of the credits, right after the Pixar bouncy little light guy.  So if you want it stay longer than you think you have to.  It's pretty funny, but there's not much to it.

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A Good Cheer Up

calmingeffects recommended a manga called Addicted to Curry and I've been wandering through scanlations of it quite happily.  Pretty much every chapter has another curry recipe.  *laughter*  And it's really pretty cute and fun, about a girl that's trying to get her dad's curry house to survive even though he left her alone with it.  A guy come to help her out with the curry house, who learned with her dad and who just loves cooking curry. 

It's a lot of fun.  I should probably look to buy a book or two, just for the recipes.  *grin*

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