July 6th, 2008


We're Baaaack...

Photos, including the dramatic bike trail ride with a few hundreds of feet drop on one side and an irrigation ditch lined with beautiful granite stone on the other may be found at


Uhm... warning, lots of cute kid photos, too. *laughter*

It was all worth it for the darned mountain trail ride. Jet rode nearly 10 miles on his single-gear little bike, and he didn't cry *once*. I was really, really impressed as nearly every other kid had a melt down at one point or another. Wow.

And the campground, the Tunnel campground in the Roosevelt National Forest, was at 8600 feet.


Wow. Thank you, incandescens!! I have come home to 15 beautifully edited pages from her, and I'm really happy to get back to writing hard at the 20th Chapter to Twin Souls.

I finished a book called Elements of Writing Fiction -- Beginnings, Middles, and Ends by Nancy Kress. amberley loaned to me, and I bought a copy as soon as I got home. laughter A lot of it is beginner stuff, but a lot of it is just stuff I've been doing on instinct rather than with the deliberation and thought I now really want to put into any story, and I can see why I want to. It's general enough for nearly any fiction one would write, but specific enough in the exercises that I could see how each section of it could really hone ones point, no matter what that point is, in any kind of work.

I haven't actually read anything she's written. But now I'm tempted.

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