July 11th, 2008


Catching Up

I've gradually been catching up with life since the camping trip. Just reading, knitting, playing Okami with Jet. Yeah, it's like the seventh time I'm playing Okami all the way through, and it's fun to do again. Inspiring for painting, too. I need to take pictures of the ink painting I've been doing, and I need to do more.

Neat thing is that this time through Jet's playing most of it, and I get to knit on his sweater. I'm already done with the body and shoulders and am doing the sleeves. Kid sweaters are faaast.

Also, I've been spending too much time on IM, and my upper body and hands have been telling me that if I don't at least cut down, I'm going to get the buzzies and the numb hands again. So I'm backing off a bit. Folks that have been used to seeing me on IM, I'm sorry. I'm not going cold turkey, but I will be cutting down on my time, significantly. *sigh* Writing doesn't mess with my hands nearly as badly as the quick response needs of IM, just so you know. *hugs*

It's been freeing some of my time up for other stuff.

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Fic Requests and Queue

This is a post that contains all the things I want to write with respect to fan fiction. It's mostly for me to keep track of stuff and so folks can see what I'm thinking about doing. Obviously, I'm still writing Twin Souls, but it's easier to motivate myself if I get some small stuff done, too.

I seem to write like I knit... one HUGE project always brewing and lots of little projects to keep my hand in on feeling like I'm finishing something.

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