July 25th, 2008


Doom and Color DOOM!

One of the coolest things about living out on the high plains is that one can see the weather coming for miles.

One of the scariest things about living out on the high plains it that one can really see the weather just coming for miles. Especially when the thunderstorm clouds fill the sky all the way from the mountains to the border of Kansas and I'm just on my way out to ride my bike to the grocery store. And the wind was blowing. There are reasons there's a guy by the road selling bricks attached to link chain labeled "Boulder Wind Chimes" around here.

Sadly, I managed to get home before the rains hit. It would have been cooler to ride in the rain, though I probably would not have cared for the thunder and lightning.

I painted yesterday and met the doom that is color. I hate color. I suck at color. I still have to try it, though. Silly me.

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An Evening Out

Though not, perhaps, in the usual sense. We spent the evening in the local park, which has a big, red barn, lots of picnic tables, and plent of things to play on. But the best thing is a creek that runs along one side. A bunch of families showed up and all the kids ran around in packs and there were always two adults by the creek as... well... kids... water... you know.

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