August 6th, 2008


Something for Me To Remember Having Seen

amberley helped me see that in a world where Dan Brown's books (which I throw, repeatedly, against a wall for being technically inaccurate and utterly stupidly simplistic) outsell, by orders of magnitude, Sean Stewart's books; that it is well to remember that I actually would far rather write more like Sean Stewart than Dan Brown. And if my popularity suffers for it, so be it, I'd rather be true to my stories.


Yesterday was a 10,000 step day, for good reason. I'm tired, but actually slept 10 hours last night.

We still have a very good house guest (John's brother David) through the week and then on Friday we're heading to San Diego for a few days to visit my parents and sister and let them actually see Jet again for the first time in a bit more than a year (at Jet's age that'll be a huge change for them). So I'm still going to be kind of out of it until probably the 18th, when Jet starts school.

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