August 18th, 2008


Stuck in Input Mode

Thanks to amberley I read all of John Scalzi's Old Man's War, and plan to ride my little bike to Border to pick up all the other books in the series as soon as I can lay my hot little hands on them.

Old Man's War starts with 75-year-old John Perry, as he visits his wife's grave and then goes to enlist in the Colonial Defense Forces (CDF). It's a one-way trip, he knows it, and has no concept as to exactly what's going to happen, other than he knows that he's enlisting in an army to defend human colonies and he's signed a waver that allows them to do whatever they want to his body and mind to make it possible for him to fight.

r0ck3tsci3ntist, remember when you pointed me at your friend's blog? And the first thing I really got out of it was that if people want to go to the stars, the whole super-human/transhuman metamorphosis would be hand-in-hand with getting to those stars? Well, this novel has exactly that, but so solidly written that I just had to sit down after the first two scenes. Just the first two #$@)(*! scenes. And I kept having to put the book down just to digest not just what I was reading but how it was written.

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First Day of School

Jet was up at 5:30. He didn't say that it was from excitement at school, but... one wonders.

One of his friends threw up at 5 a.m. so I'm thankful all Jet did was wake up and it wasn't like he's at all anxious.

There were actual crowds at the bus stop this morning. I guess a few kindergarteners were going for their first time and a few other kids that didn't normally ride the bus, but since all the kids in our neighborhood are going to the new school that's a mile further than the old one, I guess they all decided that the bus would be a good idea or something.

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