August 24th, 2008


Passing the Rice

I always forget about this site until someone else posts about it. Then I remember again, do a few thousand over the next days and then forget about it again.

But here is a sweet little site where you can learn some vocabulary and donate rice to someone that needs it as you do it.
trees over Jet

Best Things About Being A Mom

One of the best things about being a Mom is being able to sit and watch My Neighbor Totoro as many times as Jet wants and giggling with him over everything. The amusing thing is that we only have one 20-year-old tape that's in Japanese with no dubbing or subbing and we lost the translation sheet, and the two of us still utterly love the movie.

I need to buy a subbed DVD, there was a time when Disney was only publishing the things with dub and I saw a copy of it and just couldn't bring myself to buy it. It just lost ALL of Mai's attempts to learn her own language. Jet and I cheerfully echo her trying to repeat everything Satsuki says... but there's a new version out with the good stuff, so I bought it today, just to give someone the appropriate money, 'cause I really want to do this again.

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