August 26th, 2008


Deviant ART

I now have an account there, and I'm starting to post some of my pictures of my paintings there. If anyone has any tips on how the heck to take better digital images of my paintings, I'd love to know. *grins*

Hm... probably would help to up the resolution on my camera when I do take painting pictures.

Uhm... yeah... music choices 'cause I'm 2000 words into the next chapter. Whew.
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Oh Dear

That sweet little rice site with the vocabulary thing?

It just turned on me, with claws. Now it does five languages, geography, multiplication tables (fell over laughing at that), English grammar, Chemistry elements tables (easy and hard), and FAMOUS ART matching to the artist.

This could be a serious time sink.
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Five-Kid Paintings...

Well, I was sitting down to paint, yesterday, when five other kids rampaged into the house along with Jet and my recycle pile disappeared in a flurry of grabs. Even my junk calligraphy sheets were snatched up and I was like... what?


And the kids liked one of my throwaways so much I had to take a shot of it... and the other one made my neighbor come all the way up to the office and demand that I paint one of them for him, that didn't have the wrinkles... *laughs* And I asked him, "Do you want the three wings, too, on the top swallow?"

He had the grace to blush.

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