September 8th, 2008


Last Swim of the Summer

The pool is closed now, and today was damp and rainy and in the 50's.

Yesterday, the last day the pool was open was in the high-70's, sunny and clear and warm. So the three of us took advantage of the last opportunity, after a day full of the Sunday school opening, church, and then the after church picnic to celebrate the beginning of the church school season.

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Twin Souls: Chapter 22: Gravedigging

Title: Gravedigging
Arc: Twin Souls
Fandom: Bleach
Beta: incandescens Without her this would not be possible.
Characters: Kyouraku, Ukitake
Rating: R for adult concepts of death
Word Count: 4,347 words
Summary: Shunsui helps with the grave digging. Jyuushiro and Kaoru help the healers. Their help does not go unnoticed.
Disclaimer: I do not own or make money off of Bleach. It's all fictional, really.
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