September 9th, 2008


System Changes

John's updating all the Windows machines (yes, we have non-Windows machines, too) to Vista, now that it's proven to be pretty stable. We've moved from Comcast cable to DSL with Qwest, and now we've got the bemusing side effect of having caller id on our phones, now. *laughs* I'm moving browsers to Chrome and am bemused by the fact that the Google browser can not (at least in a readily discernible way) show me my Google bookmarks, which I had created in order to not have a different set of bookmarks on all the machines we have. That makes me just shake my head.

It's all smooth, all working, and the only things I've lost are the software apps I'd left on my lappy from work. I thought it funny that amberley said that we had enough machines and a foosball table so we could be a startup! He's probably right.

And is it just me, or is the fact that Victoria's Secret now sells underwear that says "I ♥ Geeks" just too funny? I had to buy two pairs just because they had 'em. *laughs and laughs*

Silver and Black: Act 2: The Café

Title: The Café
Series: Silver and Black
Characters: Chris and David
Genre: Yaoi, modern day romance
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Chris has a project he has to finish on a computer. David needs some not-chainstore coffee.
Words: 5,394
A/N: Chris is owned by stark_black, David is owned by liralen. Copyright 2008 by Jennifer Stark and Liralen Li. All rights reserved.

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