September 22nd, 2008


A Quick Taste of Seattle

We've touched on a lot of our small Meccas on this trip.

We've had our day of rain. We've gone to Trader Joe's and stocked up on everything (no Zoo cookies, but I did get organic alphabet pasta). We went to the one Toshi's in Issaquah that always refills our quarter bottles of teriyaki sauce. We've had katsu and teriyaki with chicken long rice and macaroni salad. We've done the usual tour of a million dollar home, and seen condos that are now selling for as much as the house we now live in. Not hard on the East Side, even with the slowing of the economy everywhere else. I've had sweet uni (sea urchin), some good solid saba, an excellently done soft-shelled crab, and two helpings of Pike mackerel (sanma) gently touched by a blow torch, something I could never have had at our usual sushi place in Colorado. I've had my pit-smoked wild-caught salmon, seared crisp on the edges, with a creamy richness that rivaled the burre blanc it rested upon and perfectly accented by the deep-fried crisp capers set on the side. And I've smelled and touched the ocean again and saw the sleek black head of a seal as it played on the surface of the sea.

And I bet Ukitake hates the euphemism "a productive cough" as much as I now do.

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