October 9th, 2008


Unintended Side Effects

We had our teacher-parent conference last night, and brought Jet along as it is as after school. He's doing pretty well. Amusingly enough he's having the same problem I've always had in school, he's having problems spelling when he's writing. I never could spell even common words very well, I thank the Internet for bring spell-checking into my browser window. *laughs*

Anyway... he's doing really well, and his spoken vocabulary and idea space really has the teacher jazzed about him. So that's to the good.

The amusing thing is that I wore my tie dyed socks (which immediately had both heels blown out as I'd dyed OLD socks...oops.. I'll have to jazz 'em up more with heel patches or something).

When the teacher teacher noticed that I had tie-dyed socks. Jet got all excited, pulled down the front of his pants and said, "LOOK! I'm wearing tie-dyed underwear!!"
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