October 20th, 2008


The Ten-Hour Run

I'm sore today. Yeesh, I feel like such a wimp, compared to the 24-hour straight runs John and I used to do between Seattle and LA; but I'll blame a really busy morning, having a seven-year-old, and of course, not being 20 anymore.

We got to see wonders like under-$3/gal. diesel, mountains blue with distance and black rock peaks rising like islands from a sea of gold fall grasses, a family-run diner with dozens of trucks parked outside, a family-owned diner/bakery with a full parking lot at 3pm on a Sunday, and single gold cottonwood blazing amid a slope of evergreens.

At 80 mph, I saw a stream overhung with gold and green cotton woods, surrounded with gold grasses, and a black horse with its head down grazing at the water's edge. No way I could have taken a real picture, so I may have to paint it.

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Fanfic: Amid Red Leaves

Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Shunsui/Ukitake
Rating: PG-13, boy romance
Word Count: 479
Summary: Shunsui, leaves, and poetry.
A/N: Shunsui woke me up this morning to say I had to write it, and he came up with the poem while I was typing it. So he rewarded me well for just sitting down and typing. It also fit the Bleach Yaoi contest on Y!Gallery, so I submitted it.

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