October 22nd, 2008

flying snow

The Quiet Dark

I took a bath, last night, for the first time since probably April. Candlelight, bath salts, and plenty of hot water in the short, deep soaking tub. It's a lot like the ship's tub we'd had installed in the master bath of our Redmond house, where space was at a premium and I really wanted a bath that would take a minimal amount of water. I don't like using that much water just for my comfort and when the tub is small and narrower, but deep, I displace enough water that it takes less than if I took a shower to get a good long soak in.

I needed it, as the weather has turned cold. The leaves froze and turned their colors, and are now going brown at the tops of the trees as they die completely. The wind howled and buffeted against the walls and windows by the bath, even as I soaked in my quiet. This morning most of the trees were denuded of most of their leaves, and the front yard was filled again with leaves.

"I just vacuumed yesterday," John said ruefully as we walked back to the house after dropping Jet off at the bus. The leaves crunched underfoot and the air was sharp with cold.

No mist of our breaths, though, there's so little humidity here that it just evaporates.

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