October 27th, 2008

trees over Jet

Surprise for Momma

I was really exhausted yesterday, wasn't sleeping that well, had the cramps, and John and I got a flu shot that just dropped me in my tracks and made me achy and unhappy.

I managed to get through church, an International Potluck (wore one of the haori), and not kill anyone.

But I warned Jet, "Momma's cranky today, nothing to do with you, just so you know."

And he nodded wisely. "You look tired. You should take a nap."

So I did. When I got up and felt better, and went downstairs to the kitchen, Jet and John were bent over the mixer. "Stay out!" cried Jet. "It's a surprise for you, Momma. DON'T LOOK!"

So I didn't look. Turns out Jet thought it would be a good idea to make me vanilla sugar cookies.

He was right. They were very, very good. And I was a little less cranky, afterward.