November 4th, 2008


A Huge Sigh Of Wonder

I have to admit that being a minority, I never really... really, really believed I'd see the member of a racial minority elected president in my lifetime.

But... I'm so glad I have.

Even if it made me cry buckets. Yeesh.

I mean... I didn't vote for him simply because of that. I voted for him because he knows what he doesn't know. He asks and listens. And that... that's more important to me than all the pretty rhetoric, the specific stances, the history, or even the experience or lack thereof. The attitude alone was what swayed me.

It's astonishing to see Colorado turn blue. To have the old guard turned out on their ear. It'll be interesting to see if the changes make a real difference, I'll hope, but, as usual, not really expect it and, hopefully, I'll also be pleasantly surprised.

And, yeah, having the whole crowd of 500,000 chant, "Yes we can." made me cry buckets too. And, yeah, I'll admit that I'm glad that when I go out of the country, now, that I won't have to be quite so embarrassed to be an American anymore.

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