November 11th, 2008


And Gaming Was Had!!

And it was very, very good.

We got up earlier than before, I got a bit of breakfast, and we got to Mountain View and had In and Out Burgers and Fries and then ordered burgers for Cera and Trip. We got to the apartment we were going to be gaming in before noon and were setup to create characters pretty quickly.

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Blessings and honor on those who put themselves in harms way for our safety.
Blessings, support, and honor for their families and friends who support them and love them and still can release them to go into harm's way for our sake.
Memory and blessings on those who have lost their lives in order to protect us.
Blessings and honor on those who have lost capabilities of limb, mind, strength, or health while keeping our country safe.

May we always remember, respect, and honor all who have gone in harm's way for us.

Thank you.

Silver and Black Interlude: Don't Tell Me

Title: Don't Tell Me
Series: Silver and Black
Characters: David and Chris
Rating:PG-13 for adult concepts of sex and death.
Summery: David does a little song and dance in answer to a question by Haslin
A/N: This is what David woke me up with a few mornings ago, and... it had to go down, but it ended a little differently than he'd intended. Still... stark_black came through beautifully and wrote Chris' reaction... We're not sure if this actually fits in the continuity, but... we'll see.
Disclaimers: This is fiction. The characters and names are not those of real people. Any resemblance to anyone real, living or dead, is purely coincidence. I also do not own or make money off of Madonna's "Don't Tell Me" off her Music album. I'll cheerfully urge you go to buy it, the copyright is all hers.

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Made It Home

Sore and exhausted and kind of drained.

Got up at 7, got to the airport in plenty of time, so much time I got to use the free Oakland airport WIFI to good effect, including getting David's story up. It's marked adult concepts as it's not stuff I'd really need for a kid to know, that's all. The flight was bumpy but fine. The bus ride to Boulder was marred by a lady who lost her bus fare on the way to the bus, and I gave her money for her fare... but... it went all weird.

One great thing was, literally, grabbing books 1-3 of CLAMP's Legal Drug while going out of Carl's door. It's like Watanuke and Domeki with obvious yaoi implications all over 'em and they're so cute and roommates even. Whew.

My boys met me at the Table Mesa station to greet me and get me home to a spaghetti dinner, and that was very good indeed. We had a great evening, but I had to do a church meeting, but I cut out of that so I could put Jet to bed. He *loved* everything I got him from Daiso, especially the two dollar bento boxes. I'll write up the game tomorrow, that should feed my word counts just fine.

Yay! Being able to sleep in my own bed!!! *dances about*
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